Calm Down Body Wash by Plant Bath & Shower Gel


CALM DOWN Organic Body wash is enriched with organic essential oils of ginger and lavender, which are known to help calm and quiet an overstressed and wound-up mind. Lather up with a little whenever you need to take it down a notch and relax. The all-natural, honey-like gel is made of only eight simple ingredients, and is completely free of parabens, SLS, petroleum, silicones and harsh, mysterious chemicals. And its gentle, low-sudsing formula is gentle on even sensitive skin.

Fragrance Notes: Ginger, Lavender.

PLANT’s body washes are made in New York State by teams of adults with physical, medical, mental and psychiatric handicaps, at nonprofit workshops whose mission is to give them employment opportunities and training.



  • Ginger & Lavender
  • 9.3 oz
  • Body Cleanser
  • Plant for Unisex


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