Dry Brushing Body Brush with Cactus Bristles by Hydrea London


x  Why Cactus Bristle?

This is the firmest type of bristle available is best used dry. Hydrea uses the finest Mexican Tampico – a type of Cactus which is preferred by therapists and experienced body brushers for dry body brushing treatments as it is the most effective. It has firm, low flex, thicker fibers which improve with age.


x  Benefits of Dry Brushing Using Hydrea Brushes

• Exfoliates away dead surface cells for silky soft skin.
• Allows active skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin for more hydrated skin.
• Prevents in-growing hairs.
• Prepares the skin for treatments, tanning and can prolong sun tans.
• Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.
• Cleanses and unblocks pores, removes impurities for brighter and blemish free skin.
• Releases endorphins to reduce stress for a relaxed body and mind.
• Increases energy and helps sleep patterns.
• Tones muscle and tightens the skin.
• Stimulates the lymphatic system to drain toxins away safely from the fatty layers in the skin helping to prevent build up of cellulite and reduce puffiness.
• An efficient lymphatic system helps protect the immune system, improve digestion and reduces puffiness for improved wellbeing and increased energy.
• Stimulates blood circulation to increase oxygen and nutrients to deep skin layers and encourages cell renewal for healthier younger looking skin.
• Accelerates the body’s healing process and slows down aging process.
• Excellent as part of a detox program as it helps flush away toxins.



x  Details

  • Specially curved cut cactus bristles for easy all over brushing
  • Ergonomically designed with a hand strap for extra control
  • It can be used for wet or dry brushing
  • FSC certified beechwood. Hard strength cactus bristle.
  • Dimensions: 8x13cm


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